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Keystone Equity Partners works with investors who are dissatisfied with the low returns from savings accounts and bonds and investors who are concerned about the volatility of the stock market.

Keystone Equity Partners puts discerning investors’ capital to work for them by investing in exceptional multifamily properties in the best markets nationwide. Demand for multifamily rental units continues to grow and is driven by both the preference of certain demographics as well as unaffordable single-family homeownership options.

Keystone Equity Partners, based in North Carolina , partners with investors for whom the stability of real estate investment appeals but the stress of property ownership does not. We give our investors the benefits of real estate investment through syndication, which is a group investment in a multifamily property.

Keystone Equity Partners as the “General Partner” or “Sponsor” takes care of all of the work involved in the syndication. This includes every element of the project such as: identification, acquisition, management, and optimization of the asset. This means our investors enjoy a genuinely passive income stream.

Keystone Equity Partners investors can expect their passive income stream to remain stable even in the face of market fluctuations. This is possible because the yield is secured by tenant leases, the terms of which are set by state and federal regulations.

By investing in a Keystone Equity Partners multifamily real estate syndication our ‘Limited Partner’ investors enjoy multiple benefits. These include superior returns as well as the reduction of tax bills in real terms due to amazing tax benefits.

Sell Property fast

Further Advantages Of Multifamily Investment

Keystone Equity Partners invests in apartment communities because we firmly believe that this is the best asset for building wealth while limiting exposure to market volatility.

Benefits of investing in multifamily real estate include:


Historically Stable Investment

Investing in multifamily property is a historically stable and proven way to create wealth and capitalize on tax-advantaged legislation

Hedge Against Inflation

Shorter terms in multifamily rental leases mean that average rents can be strengthened by the ‘General Partner’ to keep pace with inflation

Exceptional Tax Benefits

Exceptional tax benefits include the fact that passive income from multifamily investments is taxed at a lower rate than regular income tax rates

The Power Of Leverage

As a ‘Limited Partner’ in a multifamily syndication, investors benefit from leverage by pooling funds with other investors into prestigious properties

How It Works

Keystone Equity Partners uses our strict investment criteria to filter and source ideal properties in the multifamily market. These properties will be presented to you with information that will allow you to carefully evaluate the opportunity in line with your investment parameters and goals.

The steps you should take are simple, as follows:


Complete and submit the online investor form to become part of our investor community


Receive privileged information on all our latest investment opportunities


Schedule a call with one of our investment team to discuss your objectives and answer all of your questions


Complete the paperwork and become a passive investor in one of our multifamily properties


Relax and enjoy receiving regular reports and profit distributions

Ready To Invest

Join our family of investors and start enjoying regular passive income and exceptional tax benefits on your way to building generational wealth.

We are excited to share our latest investment opportunities with you.

As we wish to fully comply with SEC guidelines it is necessary for us to determine your investor profile. Therefore, we invite you to fully complete the investor form below.

Once you have submitted the confidential investor form we will be in a better position to discuss opportunities that fit your investor profile.

We look forward to welcoming you to our investor community.

Meet our team

Marc Cesar

Marc Cesar

Managing Partner

Marc A. Cesar is a real estate professional, founder, and owner of Cesar Property Group, LLC which was established in 2015.

Marc kicked off his career in real estate investing 5 years ago as a residential wholesaler in the NJ/PA area, specifically in Philadelphia. He has completed over $500k+ in sales as a wholesaler. He was responsible for locating distressed assets via various forms of marketing including direct mailing, driving through various neighborhoods to locate distressed/abandoned properties and partnering with local investors and real estate agents; analyzing assets to determine after repair value; assessing current value based on the market comparable, current and future market rents; obtaining rehab bids from various contractors, negotiating prices with sellers and assigning his equitable interests to an end buyer who is either a Rehabber or Buy & Hold investor.

In late 2018, he decided to pivot over to the Commercial Multifamily space as he’s always had a love for owning apartment buildings. Marc has gained his vast investing knowledge through mentorship from The Michael Blank group, Renatus Real Estate Investing, and more. He is also a proud member of the GOB Network of Apartment Investors which is a one-stop-shop platform for all needs pertaining to Multifamily Investing.

He has put together an amazing team of operators with various skills sets with the sole purpose of locating underperforming assets, when stabilized and repositioned, can yield preferable returns for investors.

Marc’s focus is on building strategic partnerships where he provides value by leveraging his and his partners’ massive network to aid other operators to get deals across the finish line.

Kayla Harrod

Kayla Harrod

Managing Partner

Kayla Harrod began her Real Estate career at the beginning of 2020. Originally interested in wholesaling, she made connections with a number of Real Estate agents who encouraged her to make the transition to Multifamily investing. As she began this new journey, she grew her knowledge through various real estate meetups, where she began networking with different investors until she found her niche in Multifamily Syndication.

With an analytical mindset, Kayla oversees the logistics of Keystone Equity Partners LLC. She specializes in underwriting as well as market analysis, which enables her to determine if a deal is worth pursuing as an investment. She also networks with high-net-worth individuals to assist in raising capital for various Multifamily opportunities. Her wide connections with brokers, agents, and lenders enable her to help make accurate assessments in a short amount of time.

Under the tutelage of Daryl Murphy and co-mentorship of David Monroe, CCIM, she’s establishing herself as a “rockstar” in the field. With a slew of resources at her disposal, she’s been able to bring forth lucrative deals and present them in front of committees. She looks forward to bringing that same value to investors partnering with Keystone Equity Partners LLC.

Keystone Equity Partners

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